700 R / 700 PRO

The 700 series from Tracked Carriers is incredibly compact, enabling access to the most restricted sites. Whilst only 600mm wide, the 700 R and 700 PRO models have a generous maximum capacity of 700kg and all the features of the larger models.

Tracked Carriers R models use state-of-the-art technology whilst being simple to operate, reliable and easy to maintain. PRO models offer increased features such as gradient-monitoring, information feedback and a smart auxiliary output, ideal when increased safety measures are required or powered attachments make the job easier.


  • 700kg capacity
  • 600mm wide
  • 355mm high
  • Battery powered
  • Fully proportional remote control
  • 45° gradeability (100%)
  • 3.5Km/h maximum speed
  • Efficient direct AC electric drive
  • Fully proportional remote control
  • Maintenance free AGM batteries
  • Hazard lights front and rear
  • Switchable motion alarm
  • On board diagnostics
  • Adaptable and extendable platform
  • LCD information screen on remote control (PRO model only)
  • Smart auxilary output socket (PRO model only)
  • Automatic gradient/speed monitoring (PRO model only)