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Accessory Overview

Accessories are available to tailor your machine to further improve safety and productivity, as well as increasing the amount of uses and returns that can be had by owning a Tracked Carrier. Accessories can be purchased at a later time.

Fifth wheel & Dolly

Perfect for transporting long, heavy loads. The dolly is manually steerable and gives an additional 1,000kg capacity to the machine.

Available on: 1200 2200 R/PRO MODELS

Rotating Platform

Makes it easier to manoeuvre loads through awkward spaces.A pivot block is also available to enable use with the Dolly.

Available on: 1200 r/pro 2200 r/pro

A-Frame Stillage

A-Frame Stillage Perfect for moving sheets of glass and other material. Under 2m high when fitted. l.Sm to 2.Sm long.

Available on: 1200 / 2200


The dozer blade is an attachment mounted on the front of the tracked carrier. It is a versatile tool used to, to push or move materials such as soil, sand, rocks, debris, and snow.

Available on: 1200 pro & 2200 PRO ONLY

Corner Post

A convenient way to support lengths of loose material.  400mm high.

Available on: 700r/pro 1200r/pro 2200r/pro

Tow Bar

Fitted with a combination 50mm ball and pin hitch for all types of towing and pulling.

Available on: 700r/pro 1200r/pro 2200r/pro


A compact winch which does not interfere with the carrier bed and is operated by the remote control. lt line pull.

Available on: 1200 PRO / 2200 PRO ONLY

Stair Climbing KitĀ 

Consists of a balance handle, backstop and step starters to overcome stairs.

Available on: 700 / 1200 / 2200


Power is taken from the smart auxiliary output socket featured on all 1200 PRO machines, not only does this provide power on demand for the hydraulic pump within the crane, it also disables drive functions once the crane is operational.

Available on: AC1200 - 1200 PRO / AC2200 2200 PRO ONLY


A pallet cradle is designed to securely hold and support pallets,. The purpose of a pallet cradle is to keep the pallet in place during transportation, storage, or while being lifted by forklifts or other material handling equipment.


Available on: AC1200 - 1200 PRO / AC2200 2200 PRO ONLY

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