09 Dec 2022

Christmas Photograph Competition

In the run up to Christmas we would like to offer the chance to win a festive hamper from our famous neighbours Wilkin & Sons.

Tiptree jam is world famous and all you have to do for a chance to win a £50 hamper is to send in a photo or video of a Tracked Carrier in action and a super brief description of the job being carried out.

To enter, please send a high quality image or video to christmas@trackedcarriers.co.uk and wait until the 19th December to see if you have won!

Maximum 10 entries per person.

By entering this competition, you are granting permission for Tracked Carriers Ltd to use the media you provided without condition or payment and release any future claim of copyright. Tracked Carriers Ltd reserves the right to terminate this competition at any time.

14 Jan 2021

New model announcement- 300 L

Tracked Carriers have launched a new model- the 300 L, which is cost effective and aimed to help trades of all types overcome basic handling issues.

The new model is just 700mm wide and has a 300kg capacity, importantly it is comparatively light weight at just over 150kg which means it can easily be transported in small commercial vehicles or larger domestic vehicles and helps reduce loading on sensitive floors.

The 300L is directly driven by electric motors like all Tracked Carriers units, with a simple 2-speed wireless remote and onboard charger.  As always, maintenance requirements are minimal to ensure ease of ownership.

18 Feb 2020

Impressive Demonstration by Beaver 10.07

A small Beaver 10.07 fitted with a fifth wheel and dolly attachment provided the perfect solution to contractors who were faced with the difficult task of transporting nine steel beams- each over 17m long and weighing 1,775kg along rough ground, through a door and into a building.  The beams were unloaded from the delivery lorry straight onto the Tracked Carriers Beaver 10.07 and dolly, which then carried them effortlessly through the personnel doorway and into the building where a spider crane was waiting to unload them.  The dolly attachment provided the contractors with a simple, safe and cost effective way to increase the capacity of the 1,000kg Beaver, and the only requirement was a 700mm wide opening to pass through.  View a video of the job below.

19 Oct 2019

Most compact Tracked Carrier Launched

Tracked Carriers has launched the Beaver 05.06- the most compact and lightest remote controlled tracked carrier on the market.  At only 600mm wide and weighing just 275kg, the Beaver 05.06 is incredibly compact and can go almost anywhere due to its huge 45° incline gradeability and rugged tracks.  The machine retains the standard features of the other Beaver models, including an extendable and customisable load bed, fully proportional radio remote control with backlit screen, maintenance free components, built-in charger and of course the typical solid construction associated with Tracked Carriers’ products.  Non-marking tracks and an auxiliary output are also optional, along with a range of attachments.

26 May 2019

Increased capacity for Beaver 20.09

Following fantastic test results, the largest model in the Beaver range (previously 1,500kg capacity) is now the Beaver 20.09.  With all the standard “Beaver” features such as direct AC electric drive, wireless remote control, zero-emission battery power, 45° gradeability and virtually maintenance free, the new 20.09 offers a 2,000kg capacity on level ground and is rated to 500kg at 45° yet is still only 900mm wide.

The longer tracks and use of 28 bottom track roller wheels make this model arguably the best stair climbing machine out of the range, increasing usefulness and creating new ways of performing tasks.

For the convenience of the operator the maximum drive speed of the Beaver 20.09 is still over 3km/h, saving time whilst traversing across sites- though as with all other models the maximum speed can be reduced significantly when negotiating tight or tricky areas.  In conjunction with the fully proportional controls this truly is a silky-smooth machine to operate.

Following the theme of the Beaver range, the 20.09 can also accept various attachments and has a fully proportional auxiliary output, making it the ideal base for mounting powered and non-powered attachments for when customisation is required to fulfill specific tasks.

Get in touch for more information, request a demonstration or to discuss how any of our models can assist your projects.

15 Apr 2019

Unparalleled Control as Standard

Nobody comes close to the level of control we offer through our compact range of Tracked Carriers.

Our standard remote system can be used one-handed and is fully proportional making silky smooth operating easy. Machine feedback displayed on the back lit LCD screen includes function speed, battery level, signal strength, temperature and gradient, to increase safety and productivity on site. Maximum speed can also be adjusted to increase the level of control in tight or unstable situations, and can be set to reduce when a certain gradient is reached.

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